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    Pr, Promotion and more

    Pr, Promotion and more

    Setting up PR campaigns for full album, Ep and Dvd releases. Also available for label, music events and more.


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    Submit review and interview requests to hundreds of media contacts.


    Send physical package including biography and press release.


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    Sending the band biography and riders to venues, media and more.

    Cd, Vinyl and more…

    Cd, Vinyl and more…

    We can also handle the pressing of Cd’s, Vinyl or Dvd’s and be able to offer you a complete package.

    Physical Distribution

    Physical Distribution

    We can distribute your music to hundreds of music stores like Bol.com and Amazon, all over the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. And if you want to do it more PROFESSIONALLY we can even distribute your music worldwide!!

    Online Distribution

    Online Distribution

    We can distribute your music to more than 150 dsp’s worldwide. (Digital Service Providers)

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    SOULLINE  has been active in the Swiss metal scene since 2001, cementing their status as live band (almost 200 gigs) with major impact on their audience.

    The music they propose is a melodic death metal with some hardcore influences.

    In 2007 their release the first album Oblivium that let them playing at WACKEN OPEN AIR 2008 and done the Blitzkrieg V East Tour 2010 through Belarus, Ukraine, Moldavia, Russia supporting VADER.

    The Struggle, the Self and Inanity, the second LP of the Band, has been presented for the first time during a tour in Russia on the Aealo Russian Tour 2010 supporting ROTTING CHRIST.

    Soulline has done an European Tour in October 2011 supporting PRO-PAIN in their Celebration of 20-years’ history, playing in Nederland, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary.

    The third record “We Curse, we Trust” was out on Summer 2012, produced by Peter Tägtgren and has been presented during a Tour between Germany, France and Denmark with ILLDISPOSED and supporting SEPULTURA in Switzerland.

    They done The Final Revolution Tour in December 2013 supporting PRO-PAIN and playing in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium and The Nederland.  They have also played at Winter Metal Meeting Festival 2013 at Z7 Pratteln (CH) with DESTRUCTION.

    Their 4th albumWelcome My Sun” have been produced by Dan Swanö, at Unisound Studios in Örebro Sweden, and released in April 2015.

    After the release they done some shows between Germany, Austria and Switzerland supporting SOULFLY, AMORPHIS and SIX FEET UNDER (in their Xmas in Hell Tour).

    During 2016 and 2017  they done some great concerts supporting ELUVEITIE and SIX FEET UNDER in Switzerland and touring Europe with MOONSPELL between France, UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium and TEXTURES in Italy.

    Ann My Dice

    Ann My Dice


    Ann My Dice is an  energetic metalband from the western half of The Netherlands. Since the foundation in 2012 the band has played a great amount of shows through The Netherlands and Europe, for example Belgium, Germany, Croatia, the Czech Republic and many other countries. In lots of cafés, small and big venues the genuine sound of Ann My Dice has ringed through their speakers.

    By combining raw vocals, melodic twists and rock solid riffs the band knows how to create a whole unique metalsound. This sound, added with a blasting show and an always enthusiastic attitude, has led to absolute highlights for both audience and band.

    The band is founded by drummer Tim van Vliet and guitarist-singer Nils Stok. Quickly it turned out the dynamics of the music could increase even more and the young guitar virtuoso Ian Izeboud became a part of the group. Recently the blonde god Jorn de Kleine made his entry as the bassist of the band, after the earlier departure of Victor Heijink.

    In 2015 the first album ‘To Start A Journey’ came out. After a smashing reception many doors were opened for Ann My Dice and the band continued their mission in conquering the world.

    A new EP is in the making and is expected to be released in 2018.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnnMyDice/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AnnMyDice/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annmydice/
    Bandcamp: https://annmydice.bandcamp.com/

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    Wound Collector

    Wound Collector


    Belgium’s epic saxophonised death metallers Wound Collector, are ready to release their full length debut ‘Eternal Bloodcult’ on the masses. The foursome of Peter Verdonck (vocals / saxophone), Kurt Hermans (bass / vocals), Guy Van Campenhout (guitars / vocals) and Ben Van Peteghem (drums) mix an old school death metalvibe with modern accents, a hefty dose of saxophone, triple vocal attacks and progressively brutal songs into a whirlwind of death, negativity and hopelessness.

    The music is diverse and challenging while maintaining that catchy vibe. Lyrically, the band centres their songs around moments in history that are often forgotten or neglected, thus unearthing them to a wider audience. The saxophone assaults are more than filler, as Wound Collector uses this instrument to its full potential, therefore becoming a necessary mainstay in all songs, be it in melody, rhyhtm or lead-shape.

    ‘Eternal Bloodcult’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jérémie Bézier at Blackout Studios (Enthroned, Emptiness, Batsheba, … ) and offers an exciting new take on the shape of death metal. Prepare to be epically saxophonised by Wound Collector’s death metal!

    Peter Verdonck – saxophones and vocals
    Guy Van Campenhout – guitars and vocals
    Kurt Hermans – bass guitar and vocals
    Ben Van Peteghem – drums


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    Stream Anima

    Anima is a metal band formed by brothers Alvaro and Diego Bueno Triveño, combining different sound elements own and foreign of the metal world. Recently finish the recording and edition of the debut album with the title homonymous to this one, that seeks to venture in the world of the music with an elaborate proposal. As the band was consisting of only two people, both members sought ways to get “helpers” by unknown methods, thus creating strange figures that helped the creation of this material, These “Homunculos” in command of the brothers offer their help although from time to time they require “repairs” or already a complete renovation.

    At the gates of the album release and the video of the song “Here Come”, Anima offers a variety of sounds that are worth listening to.

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