Wound Collector

Wound Collector is the brainchild of Peter Verdonck, a renowned saxophonist and composer who has earned his stripes in performances all across the globe with Thelema Trio, Manngold De Cobre, The Rhythm Junks, De Pandoering and many more. Yet his heart truly beats for death metal.

On a quest to combine this passion for death metal with his favoured instrument he teamed up with Ben Van Peteghem (Bloodrocuted, Sadistic Embrace) on drums, Guy Van Campenhout (Notti Del Terrore, Angeli di Pietra) on guitar and Kurt Hermans (Herfst, Angeli di Pietra) on bass. Each of whom brings considerable experience in various metalbands.

Wound Collector plays death metal with a historic twist and a demented saxophone. Each of the members have years of experience in playing and performing a variety of different styles of music.

Peter Verdonck – saxophones and vocals
Guy Van Campenhout – guitars and vocals
Kurt Hermans – bass guitar and vocals
Ben Van Peteghem – drums

Finally here are the details of Wound Collector’s debut album “Eternal Bloodcult”

01.Worship Of The Aton
02. Bloodcult
03. Recapturing The Throne
04. Crucifixion To The Inverted Cross
05. Divine Music, Unholy Flesh
06. History Of Torture
07. Hopelessness
08. Only Corpses Remain

‘ETERNAL BLOODCULT’ is also fully mastered for vinyl pressing.

The release of the album is scheduled for May 24th, 2018

Peter uses Yanagisawa Sterling Silver tenor saxophone, Lebayle 8* mouthpiece, Gonzalez 3 1/4 reeds regular cut, François Louis ligature, BG neck strap, SD Systems wireless microphone (live) and a Hell lot of air.

Peter (38) has previously performed, recorded and toured with Thelema Trio (7 tours USA, 2 tours Peru, concerts in Norway, Japan, Italy, Belgium & the Netherlands), The Rhythm Junks (tours in China, Poland, concerts in Belgium and the Netherlands), Champ d’Action (concerts in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium), FUNDAMENT, BLAFFF, and many others. This includes performances at Dour festival, ISCM festival North-Carolina, Centro Cultural de Espagna in Lima, World Clarinet Fest in Tokyo, and many others.

More on www.peterverdonck.com


Guy uses Mayones / LTD / ENGL / Boss / D’Addario / In Tune / Mono / Hercules / Loxx / DiMarzio / EMG

Guy (37) started out life as a drummer, before discovering the guitar at the ripe age of 18. But then, all bets were off. Quickly growing in skills on a diet of Iced Earth, Death and rapid, technical bands, he honed his rhythm skills. Later on he went on to be the main vocalist/grunter of powerfolkband Angeli di Pietra, recording two full albums. But guitar needed to be played and he joined industrial metal powerhouse Notti del Terrore as lead guitarist and extreme vocalist. There, he recorded the mini ‘3-TR-DYI’ and two full length albums: ‘Maximum Destruction’ and ‘Havoc’ before Notti del Terrore disbanded. He has also done live session work with several other bands and now his focus solely lies with Wound Collector.

Kurt uses a Fender Squier jazz bass, Ampeg PF-500 amp, EBS Multicomp, SansAmp driver and a full set of fingers

Kurt (35) has previously recorded and performed with female fronted folk metal band Angeli di Pietra and blackened death metal band Herfst, including some smaller European tours (Germany, Czech REpublic) and some larger festivals (i.e. Metaldays in Slovenia, Metal Frenzy in Germany).

Ben uses Pearl Drums, Roland V-drums, Meinl Cymbals, Trick Percussion Pro 1-V bigfoot, Vic Firth Extreme 5B

Ben (28) began drumming when he was only 4 years old. In his teenage years he played in a bunch of local bands, such as Sadistic embrace, Sequoia Shade,… Recently he went on a European tour with his other band Bloodrocuted. They released their third full album this year named ‘For The Dead Travel Fast’.


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