In the run-up to the release of the debut album “Eternal Bloodcult” by Wound Collector May 24th 2018 the band releases its first official video for the song “Divine Music, Unholy Flesh” in high definition (HD).

The album can be pre-ordered, just follow the link below…

Pre-Order “Eternal Bloodcult” HERE..

Pre-Order “Eternal Bloodcult” HERE..

According to Peter: The song depicts Italian Renaissance composer Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina as a devote Catholic composer. According to the Council of Trento his music was to be considered the highest and purest form of Catholic music. However the 12 popes he served during his lifetime were all engaged in nepotism, the Inquisition, antisemitism and indulged in luxury.




Media relations:

“Eternal Bloodcult” is also fully mastered for vinyl pressing!

Eternal Bloodcult was recorded between the 27th of February and the 19th or March 2017 at Blackout Studio in Brussels and will be released May 24th 2018 via Profane Records.

Music and lyrics written by Peter Verdonck.
Produced by Jérémie Bézier.
Mixed by Jérémie Bézier.
Cover and inner artworks by Threadbare Artwork.
The video has been directed by Abel Roland.
Logo design by ModBlackMoon.


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