As you will have seen, the show at the Melkweg in June has had to be postponed for reasons. We’ll let you know as soon as we have a new date (any tickets bought remain valid, so no worries, there).

Here’s a brief flash of happier and more innocent times. Q-Factory, November (which seems like an absolute fucking age ago).

This Is – you better believe it – How We Roll

Two Too Many is a four-piece heavy rock band from Amsterdam that plays energetic rock n’ roll with a nod to classic rock bands from years gone by, appealing to fans of Guns n’ Roses, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC and more.
Once upon a time in the west of Amsterdam, a posse of ne’er-do-well sons-a-bitches began pondering themselves a mystery: Could they be shy one horse, or were there two too many?

Idle curiosity gave way to focus, and focus became conviction. Off beyond the horizon these catalystic curators of rock n’ roll set, their destination unknown, their task crystal clear.

Today, blending Classic, Blues and Hard-rock – with a raucous, metallic edge – they have become an iron forged, case-hardened, tour de force.

Conceived in the back rooms of the city’s seediest bars, Two Too Many formed in 2017. They now step back into the light, proud to present to you their brand new, never before heard material. A blast of tunes sure to get your head a-banging and your Gran a-nagging.



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