The Invict “A Sun That Never Sets” out now!

There it is, the long-awaited album from the Dutch metal band The Invict. The band have worked hard on 8 great tracks for the album:

  1. My Shrine
  2. King Nothing
  3. Blacklist
  4. Floating Arrows
  5. Our Dying Chance
  6. A Sun That Never Sets
  7. Reduced to Ash & Dust
  8. Deliverance
The number 1 track “My Shrine” on the album had already been released as a single on September 17th and could already be heard on the well-known streaming services.

Check The Invict on all streaming and download services or buy the physical album in the label shop. This band is more than worth it.


The Invict is a 4-piece metalband hailing from The Netherlands, born in late 2013.

The music the four of them create together is their take on modern death-metal, combining other subgenre’s such as black-, progressive- and groove-metal. Those influences and combinations coalesced together in their own unique sound.

In August 2015 The Invict released their debut EP ‘This Cracking Shelter’ which was well received and they have played shows and festivals since.  After being into writing mode for the last 12 months The Invict is ready to unleash their debut full-length ‘A Sun That Never Sets’ November 5th 2018 via Profane Records.

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