Soulline “The Deep” September 19th 2018

Soulline “The Deep” September 19th 2018

Release date: September 19th 2018 (hardcopy, streaming and digital download incl cover art)


  1. Nightmare
  2. The Fall
  3. Leviathan
  4. Cool Breeze
  5. Into Life
  6. Filthy Reality
  7. Deepest Me
  8. The Game
  9. The Deep End
  10. Still Mind

Soulline “Leviathan” Single:

Wound Collector “Eternal Bloodcult” May 24th 2018

Wound Collector “Eternal Bloodcult” May 24th 2018

Release date: May 24th 2018 (hardcopy and digital download incl cover art)


The Album:
Belgium’s epic saxophonised death metallers Wound Collector, are ready to release their full length debut ‘Eternal Bloodcult’ on the masses. The foursome of Peter Verdonck (vocals / saxophone), Kurt Hermans (bass / vocals), Guy Van Campenhout (guitars / vocals) and Ben Van Peteghem (drums) mix an old school death metalvibe with modern accents, a hefty dose of saxophone, triple vocal attacks and progressively brutal songs into a whirlwind of death, negativity and hopelessness.

The music is diverse and challenging while maintaining that catchy vibe. Lyrically, the band centers their songs around moments in history that are often forgotten or neglected, thus unearthing them to a wider audience. The saxophone assaults are more than filler, as Wound Collector uses this instrument to its full potential, therefore becoming a necessary mainstay in all songs, be it in melody, rhyhtm or lead-shape.

Eternal Bloodcult (Full Album)

01.Worship Of The Aton

02. Bloodcult

03. Recapturing The Throne

04. Crucifixion To The Inverted Cross

05. Divine Music, Unholy Flesh

06. History Of Torture

07. Hopelessness

08. Only Corpses Remain

Wound Collector –  Eternal Bloodcult  (physically and digitally)


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