Reign of Bullets share studio update video

Reign of Bullets check in from the studio to update fans on the progress of their upcoming album


Dutch Hard-Rock/Metal band Reign of Bullets have recently entered the studio and are recording their first album “the course of destruction”. The follow-up to the ”Reign E.P.” will mark the band’s first full-length album.


Reign of Bullets have shared a video to update fans on the progress of their next album.

Guitarist Martijn Zuidgeest and Drummer Kevin Schrier reported last summer that work had begun on the follow-up to the “Reign E.P. , with Kevin saying: “I gotta tell you, if the first week is any indication of where this album’s going. And it’s going to be a blast”

And in a new video, Martijn says that work is progressing well and that they’ll be in the studio for the next couple of weeks.

Kevin adds: “Last week was the first day of drum tracking, which is really cool. The record is finished being written and now it’s time to really get down to business and start recording it for real and build it from the ground up.”

The video shows viewers around their location where drummer Kevin Schrier can be seen slamming behind his kit. And Dyon Koning playing some sweet melodies on his bass guitar.

Martijn adds: “I think it’s really cool that we stay here because this record to me embodies the true spirit of Reign of Bullets and where we come from.”


Watch the full video below.


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