Down The Void The New Kings Of Rock N Roll

We are very proud to announce that the Canadian rock band “Down The Void” will release their new album under Profane Records, early 2020.

August 2019 the band is scheduled to enter the studio to record all the new tracks.

Down The Void has been dominating the rock scene in their hometown of Toronto, Canada. Since their release of their first album “The Midnight Sun” last year, the band has been hard at work touring, gaining a bigger social media presence, and writing new music for their next album.

The band is influenced heavily by the sound of 70s rock bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Motorhead. This heavy rock band is known for their exhilarating live shows and their old school rock partying ways. Down The Void is headed back to the studio to record their second album which is slated for release in early 2020 with the band members promising it will be “a heavy ride the whole way through”. Keep your heads up for this band because there are many great things to come.

Down The Void first got started in October of 2015 and have since released a full album “The Midnight Sun” in March of 2018.

The band is made up of three members, Niko “Groovy T” Talovic the hard hitting drummer that anchors and ignites the band, Nick Wolf the bassist whose skill can rival that of any known bass player to date, and Lou Sky the singer and guitarist whose unique vocal styling as well as guitar playing help complete the bands awe inspiring sound.

The three create a dynamite presence wherever they go and everyone can feel the chemistry between them all while in attendance at any of their live shows. This is a band worth knowing, a band to watch out for, as the boys like to say at every gig, “Down The Void Forever!”




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