Some years ago some bands were attacked by a force greater than our earthly minds can comprehend.

They were broken up and left bleeding in the fifth dimension and would be oblivious to this attack. And from their other dimensional ashes the PPTA arose like a rocket ship searing to the skies to challenge the gods themselves!!

Its fuel tanks filled with highly flammable THRASH METAL designed for speed and aggression when ignited. For this world is PPTA’s arena and all that does not thrash madly about already must adapt or be slammed into the ropes until they submit.


In 2011 PPTA invaded the studio known as the Blast furnace and there from super heated steel they hammered and blasted a their debut album into existence and was called: BEATEN BROKEN BLEEDING.

On the 20th of November 2015 – Ultimate Aike was pounded into the ground on stage by the evil Tiger Nima Singh and took over his vocals.

On the 12th of October 2016 – Tiger Nima Singh was murdered by an unknown aggressor and drowned in a large bucket of ice.
The 1st of July 2017 Mad Dog Marcel joined the ranks of the PPTA as vocalist.

More information on PPTA:  Home of the PPTA