We try to be different and make a record label(deal) more accessible.


We are a Metal & Rock Record label  based in the Netherlands. Founded in early 2017 with the aim of being a net label. From mid-2017 we decided to become a full record label with our first signings. Our focus is on metal and rock music, submissions are more then welcome. Through our partners, we can offer press releases and public relations campaigns at affordable prices. We promote your release, news and more for the Benelux, Europe and Worldwide.

As a Record label we can offer you many different services like:

  • Digital distribution.
  • Physical distribution.
  • Cd, Vinyl and Dvd pressing.
  • Help with the design of your cover art.
  • Audio mastering.
  • Barcodes.
  • Isrc codes.
  • Website hosting.
  • Pr/promotion.
  • and much more…

If your music fits our label, we will contact you soon.



For bands and artists who only want to release their music with a Creative Commons License.

Because we still want to keep working as a netlabel to continue helping bands and artist in the start-up phase you can not be a member of copyright associations, music authors – composers, lyricists and music publishers. But the Dutch copyright association Buma-Stemra has made agreements with Creative Commons ##Possibilities for Dutch bands and musicians##

A netlabel will mainly release music digitally through several portals and pages such as: soundcloud, jamendo, youtube, internet archive and more.

Most of the releases come with a creative commons licence so all copyrights allways stay with the artists and bands.

In the digital age it is possible for bands and artists to grap the change, to reach more listeners and gain more fans who otherwise would not be able to learn about their music. The music industry and music market nowadays operates in a completely different way then about 10 or 20 years ago. The internet has changed the music industry.