Currently we are looking for unsigned INDIE/DIY metal and rock bands.

We are a metal music Netlabel (Internet-Label) based in the Netherlands. We are a private initiative to promote and release metal and rock music. We are not a commercial profit or non profit organization, therefore we can release your music free of charge, and thereby promote the position of bands and artists who do not have an official record contract at a (large) record label. (YET)

Our focus is on unsigned Indie/Diy metal and rock acts and submissions are more then welcome. Through our partners, we can also offer press releases and public relations campaigns at affordable prices for your release, news and more worldwide!

You can not be a member of copyright associations, music authors – composers, lyricists and music publishers. But the Dutch copyright association Buma-Stemra has made agreements with Creative Commons ##Possibilities for Dutch bands and musicians##

As a netlabel we mainly release music digitally through several portals and pages such as: soundcloud, jamendo, youtube, internet archive and more.

Most of our releases come with a creative commons licence so all copyrights always stay with the artists and bands.

In the digital age it is possible for bands and artists to grap the change, to reach more listeners and gain more fans who otherwise would not be able to learn about their music. The music industry and music market nowadays operates in a completely different way then about 10 or 20 years ago. The internet has changed the music industry.

If you are an artist or band and recorded your own music but you don’t know what comes next? No traditional record label will release your music because they don’t know you or your band? You simply can not let your music disappear. Hand it out to family, friends or publish it on your own website are all good ideas and no less important, but you can also send it to us! We will release your music and let people know about you or your band because we have a strong database of media contacts and music needs to be released one way or another.

We can work with several partners in order to help you release your music, create a press release, creating a website and more. We also manage to have contacts with metal/rock record labels, ezines, magazines, bloggers, vloggers and more.

Due to all new technologies and of course the internet in general, the netlabels are very much active and releasing a lot of good music every day. It’s therefore a perfect way to release your music without losing the rights to your own music to the major labels. Netlabels are on the rise because the way you earn money in the music industry is still changing and new opportunities are being devised in order to earn money but in a completly new way.

We do not say that we are against the established order because that’s bullshit, but to make sure that your music will be released despite the fact that a large record label does not want to release it or only offers you a 360 contract and will own all  your music rights, WE want to give you the opportunity to do so.

Want more information? Then fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you real soon!


Running a netlabel costs money, so we ask you kindly for a small contribution. All costs are covered by private money and some donations so we can use your help.